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Visual Kei Mania

jrock fashion overload

2/22/14 08:58 pm - drkshdw_syg - Sale! SEX POT ReVeNGe, Putumayo and other brands :)

Hi guys! Im selling some of my things (more soon) you can check them out here ->


The style is more rokku gyaru but it depends with what you were it :)

I ship worldwide and the shipping prices on the website are not the exact so just ask me :)

7/20/13 03:19 am - signorpompelmo - DS: BLACK PEACE NOW, Banana Fish, and lots of J-rock CDs

Please take a look!

6/12/13 04:38 pm - hizumisama0 - DS: h.NAOTO, Sixh., BPN, Algonquins....

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4/23/13 07:37 pm - miro_fuzzy - Clothes, clothes, cloethes!!!

Hi guys! I have some things for sale! ^___^

Please check it out! ♥


2/1/13 01:53 am - insulineyes - SELLING: Japanese Designer Clothing + Others. Bit of VK/Alt/New-Romantic/Goth Vibes. Unisex

Hey all, selling items bought from Japan circa 2009-2010

Brands including h.Naoto, Alice Auaa, Gadget Grow + others.

Full listing here: http://insulineyes.livejournal.com/708.html
 photo IMG_6580.jpg

 photo IMG_6620.jpg

11/12/12 07:47 pm - tialorelei - DS: Tripp jacket and skirt

Items open to offersCollapse )

11/8/12 01:59 pm - sutewi - DS: h.Anarchy, Algonquins, SexPotReVenge and more!

Hello everyone!
I've got lots of V-kei inspired clothing for sale,
including h.Anarchy jackets and other stuff from SexPotReVenge and more.
Please take a look if you're interested.

As example I got this SexPotReVenge skirt for sale:

Informations and pictures are under hereCollapse )

9/2/12 11:41 pm - alidoodlekins - Selling visual kei clothes

I am currently trying to sell two jackets and a shirt. Highest price is $40+shipping.
Sizing around L-XXL
click here for the post

4/14/12 07:07 pm - ki_heeleven

Hello iam selling a h.Naoto jacket
Please check out my sales post below and don't forget to read the terms and conditions~

3/29/12 01:07 am - shinjuka_sales - Selling vkei clothes, CDs, goods etc.


I'm selling visual kei clothes, including Putumayo, h.Naoto, Listen Flavor and other Japanese brands
as well as v-kei band T-shirts, CDs, goods, polaroid etc. on my sales journal:

thanks and sorry if you see this x-posted :)
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