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Visual Kei Mania

jrock fashion overload

3/6/12 06:34 pm - missendorphine - VK Stuff for SALE

SHello :)
I'm cleaning my closet and sell a lots of VK Stuff: Clothes, CDs...
Please take a look

>>Here<<Collapse )

12/23/11 09:42 am - thornchan - For Sale: hNAOTO hn+die Shirts and legwarmers: h.Anarchy etc - HellcatPunks

Go to my facebook!

(if that albumlink doesn't work: http://www.facebook.com/malin.lovenberg)

If you don't own a facebook, feel free to ask questions here!

They will be shipped from Sweden, I accept paypal.

12/22/11 10:46 pm - oh_dear_sale - DS: Metamorphose, BPN, h.ANARCHY, A+LIDEL, Peace Now

Meta shoes, Double Decker rocking horse, BPN swallow-tail, h.ANARCHY, A+LIDEL, Peace Now, etc.

Please visit my selling journal.

Thank you!

12/20/11 05:28 pm - x_aoi_addict_x - Sale

I'm selling VK clothes and accessories
Please have a look here

and some JRock stuff from many bands like GazettE, Dir en grey, Miyavi, Golden Bomber, etc etc

11/12/11 10:16 pm - tresorera14 - L&R Accessories Boutique Special Promotion. Until Nov. 20, 2011!!!

L&R Accessories has a new promotion! Order the Lolita Crown with the promotional code, "White Snow" and get $5 reimbursement and free shipping.  Only for a limited time!  *Until November 20, 2011* copy and paste the link, www.lracc.webs.com GO CUTE LOLITAS!!! Forward it to Lolitas you might know! :-)

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11/10/11 10:04 am - tresorera14 - New inexpensive Lolita Accessories Boutique at L&R Accessories

Come check this cute Lolita Fashion accessories collection at really low prices.  They are created by a new online boutique  called L&R Accessories.  Here is their link www.lracc.webs.com

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9/24/11 08:05 pm - gizaangkore - Selling gazette collection and more

>items Include the following:

DVD Stacked Rubbish Grand Finale Repeated Countless Error  with first press poster - 72€ with ships
Nameless Liberty Six Guns Tour Final at Budokan 2006 (3 Disc out of print limited edition) 83€ with ships
Nil ~ Limited Edition
Stacked Rubbish ~ Limited Edition
Guren Optical Impression with poster  ~poster never used~
Bandana -Royal Disorder Tour
Disorder photobook
Phantasmagoria - Crystal Finale 47€ with ships
History of Phantasmagoria 2004 ~ 2008 80€ with ships
D'espairs Ray Brilliant Single First Press with Card and Poster ~poster never used~

9/10/11 10:43 am - moreobscurity

I'm selling clothing suitable for many japanese street styles; lolita, gyaru, punk, visual kei, decora, mori...Skirts, shirts, dresses, accessories..
Prices are cheap and every order includes a surprise gift! Please look, I need these gone!! Brands like Liz Lisa, ACDC RAG, Cocolulu...

9/5/11 10:04 pm - khaniscar - Visual-k Live reports, pictures, interviews, Fashion reports

This site has some cool pictures, live reports and interiviews! Check it out!
Modern Pirates, hnaoto etc

9/4/11 10:23 pm - gizaangkore

Gazette items:


h.Naoto items:



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